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We are rapidly moving ahead in Mining Industry by taking advantage of Mines and Mineral Resources of adjacent countries in South -East Asia. We are into Limestone sourcing from Thailand.

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Limestone Mining & Mineral Sourcing

We are sourcing our low silica SMS grade limestone for Indian Steel Companies. To ensure value addition to our customers, we offer SMS grade limestone at a very competive cost without compromising its superior quality. Powered with low cost ground logistics by Singh Imperial Logistics and nearby deap sea port, sourcing limestone from our mines is very much cost effective and hassle free.

In a very short span, Singh Group Company Limited has established itself as a preferred Global sourcing partner for many more companies. We are getting constant demand for our minerals from most of the North and South Asian countries.


Location Advantages:

We are sourcing low silica Limestones from the mines of South Thailand.

Some of our product grade and location advantages lead our customers to cut huge raw material cost:

Superial quality Limestone suitable for high yield

Mines are very close to deep sea port

Well connected multi model ground logistics and barges



Limestone Specifications:

CP Grade Limestone

CaO : 53.00 % minimum
SiO2 : 0.50 % maximum
Al2O3 : 0.25 % maximum
Fe2O3 : 0.20 % maximum
MgO : 1.00 % maximum
Size : 40-80 mm

Quality tolerance: As analysed at Load Port
Size : Oversize and Undersize not to exceed 10%

Load Port details:

Name of the Port : Port of Songkhla, South Thailand.
Location : The port of Songkhla is located in the Gulf of Thailand at E 674000 N799100.
Position : N 07° 15' E 100° 34'

Berthing : Port consists of 3 berths for ocean going vessels and 7 berths for barges.

Total length of berth: 510 meters.

Maximum LOA: 173 meters

Maximum DRAFT: 8.23 meters

Anchorage Position : 4 – 5 nautical miles from the berth.

Anchorage Draft : 13.5 meters

Mines to Port distance : 65 kms.