Inthai Mining Limited

A subsidiary of SGC, is one of the best quality and low silica natural Dolomite and Gypsum producer and supplier with 30 years experience in the mining industry, having annual turnover of 600 million THB. We are sourcing partner for high quality Dolomite to steel industries in Asian countries, specially in Indian sub-continent. Our annual production of dolomite, in different sizes, is about 2 Million MT and we target to reach 3 Million MT by December 2012.

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Our Dolomite Mines


Our Natural Dolomite Mines are located at south part of Thailand, in Surathani province. These mines are known as : Khao-in Mines,Tha-U-Thae Mines, Mr. Taem Mines

Production Capacity

Per Hour Yield: 600 MT
Per Day Yield: 9000 MT
Per Month Yield: 216,000 MT
Per Year: 2,160,000 MT
Approximation: 2 Million MT

Basic of Calculation:

Per Hour: 600 MT of ROM fed into the Crusher
Per Day: Two Shift Operations of 15 Hrs/Day (600x15)
Per Month: 24 Working day a month (24x600x15)
Per Year: 10 working Month/Year (Approx 200,000MT x 10)

Shipping of Thailand Natural Dolomite

We ship Thai Natural Dolomite in bulk to various Steel Companies via our privately managed deep sea port at Khanom, Area : Nakorn Sri Thammarat, South of Thailand.

Khanom Port details:

B.A. Chart: No. 3963
Anchorage Position :LAT 9๐ 12.5’ N / LONG 99๐ 54.5’
E Time Zone : GMT +7
Company : KHANOM PORT Co.,Ltd. Thailand

Berth Position : About 1 mile from anchorage position

Name of berth : Khanom Port

Jetties : 3 Jetties are available for loading
Loading Rate : Hourly loading rate : 500 MT
Daily loading rate : 6000 - 8000 MT depending on stoppages for shifting the vessel regularly and carefully checking of the draft.

Working Hours : 24 Hours AWWDSHINC inclusive of break and shift change time