Singh Group Of Companies


SGC is a leading global supply chain managementcompany and processer of mines and mineral raw materials for industrial supply. We operate an integrated supply chain for Thailand Natural Dolomite, Limestones, Gypsum, Iron Ores, Indonesian Coal in India, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and other Asian countries. Besides, we have deep rooted ourselves into marketing and business development for Tinplates and Patanjali Herbal Producs in Thailand and looking for an avenue to promote other products as well from different countries into Thailand, to add more value to mankind and environment. Today, we are four hundred and fifty million strong group, engaged in the various businesses viz, Mining and Global Mineral Sourcing, Export-import, Transportation, Logistics, Ship Chartering, Barging and Stevedoring, Marketing and Business development.

Since our establishment, we have remained focused in a single commodity asset class – Mining and mineral complex. We have grown by taking advantage of adjacent opportunities in the industrial mineral trading and have evolved from a single-product, single-country company, to a multi-product, multi-national, integrated supply chain management company. We have consistently exceeded the expectations of all our stakeholders by leveraging our resources, including people, knowledge, capabilities, skill sets, systems and physical assets, to create a competitive advantage which has helped us to grow profitably and to build leadership positions. SGC is based at Thailand, India and having associates and value chain partners at different Asian Countries

The Directors





Mrs. Malta Singh

Group Chairman
Mrs. Malta Singh is group Chairman of SGC. A Thai by her nationality, she is a business woman as well as a philanthropist and helping improve life of mankind by spreading Yoga and teaching uses of herbal supplements to improve quality of life.

Mr. Anil Kumar Singh

Group Managing Director and CEO
Anil Kumar Singh is the Founder and Group Managing Director of SGC. He holds an experience of more than 15 years in establishing and managing business. In 2011, Anil Kumar Singh has bagged “International Achievers Award for Business Excellence” for his continuous effort in international business.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh

Director - Project
Sanjay Kumar Singh actively taking ownership of Ground Logistics, Transportations and Supply Chain Management

Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh

Director - Indian Operations
Ajay Kumar Singh is takes care of whole Indian Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh

Director - Operations
Vijay Kumar Singh is engaged to develop new markets at Thailand for Patanjali Herbal Products as well taking care of operational activities related to export and import.

Management Team

At SGC, over the last decade, we have trained and developed numbers of our managers to build, lead and grow businesses. Our goal is to grow a team of entrepreneurs into leadership positions. We have developed a significant number of growth leaders who are committed to growing their business to achieve.

We are having the necessary talent pipeline required to achieve our growth plans by consistently attracting high quality professionals. Apart from managerial talent, we have also assembled a line-up of specialists with deep domain knowledge and technical skills that give us the edge in execution. We also focus on entry level hiring of Management Trainees from reputable business schools across Asia.

Our team comprises of qualified professionals combining experience in multiple disciplines including Experts from Iron & Steel Industry, Transporting, Logistics, Human Resources